Vinyl Passion Unity-Two Sub-Chassis Upgrade with VP-2 Arm Board £609

Suitable as a High Performance Upgrade for all Linn Sondek LP-12 Turntables

  • The Vinyl Passion Unity-Two has main bearing and arm-board seats milled to be exactingly flat guaranteeing perfect alignment of the stylus to the record groove
  • The unusual shape of the Unity Sub Chassis has been designed using computer finite element modelling techniques resulting in its unique shape with non uniform cross section and carefully sculpted curves to ensure a totally stiff structure that eliminates all ringing
  • The Unity Sub Chassis is Precision Machined from Solid Billet Heat Treated Aerospace 7000 Grade Magnesium Alloy
  • The Unity Two Alloy Arm Board has been developed specifically for use wth the Unity Sub-Chassis. It is precision Machined from the same Heat Treated Aerospace 7000 Grade Magnesium Alloy

This Unity-Two Sub Chassis Kit is sold as a DIY component and as a buyer you should be confident that you hold the skills to install this yourself as correct installation and adjustment is critical to getting the best performance from this upgrade.

In Your Kit:
  • The Vinyl Passion Unity Sub-Chassis with a VP-2 Arm Board of your choice pre-fitted to the correct Torque Setting of 3.5nm
  • A Unique Bearing Clamp with Fasteners to suit your existing Bearing
  • Torq Screwdriver for fixing the Bearing Clamp
  • One set of Three Blue Anti-Harmonic Springs complete with Rubber Mounts
  • An informative Instruction Sheet