Audio Analogue Fortissimo CD/DAC

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The FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC perfectly exemplifies our philosophy to design products which can interface different audio systems at the best audio quality. In fact the FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC is not only a CD player but is also provided with all the features making it a high performance digital to analog converter.

technical information

  • Zero feedback output stage
  • Adaptive and Asynchronous USB interface working up to 24 bits/ 192 KHz audio signal
  • Optical and Coaxial audio digital inputs working up to 24 bits/ 192 KHz
  • Balanced and Unbalanced analog outputs
  • Phones output
  • Completely settable DAC output sample frequency including the following selection criteria: Auto Mode / Custom Mode / Direct Mode
  • TEAC CD-5010B CD Mechanism
  • Low noise custom quartz oscillators
  • Settable Brightness mode (High, Low, Dark mode)
  • 12VDC Trigger Out
  • SPDIF Coaxial Digital output
  • ASC100 Multiproduct Remote

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