Eclipse TD725SWMK2

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Accurately reproduces low frequencies at world-class speed

A revolutionary subwoofer that has evolved in terms of performance, function, and design, from the previous award-winning model which consecutively received the highest rating from Japanese and overseas audio magazines. ECLIPSE has introduced unique state-of-the-art technology including its R2R TWIN DRIVER structure, which reproduces voluminous bass sounds at high response speed with a minimised delay. ECLIPSE is in an ongoing pursuit of excellent damping properties so that users touching the enclosure will not feel any vibration at all. Furthermore, the product is provided with seven-layers of piano black coatings to produce both purer bass sound reproduction as well as visual beauty.


Model:                     2x25cm Diameter Subwoofers

Colour:                     Black

Configuration:                     R2R Twin Drive-Units, Sealed Enclosure

Speaker Unit:                     2 x 25cm Diameter Driver, Paper (Kevlar)

Frequency Response:         20Hz-150Hz (-10dB) (at Bass Mode, L.P.F. 150Hz)

Rated Output:                     500W(T.H.D.1%)

L.P.F:                     30Hz-150Hz(Variable, On & Off)

Phase Adjustment:              0/180° (Remote Control or Front Panel)

Play Mode:                     Bass/Direct (Remote Control or Front Panel)

Harmonic Distortion:           0.05% Max (at 50Hz, 1/2 Rated Output)

S/N:                                     95dB Minimum

Input:                                   Line (Stereo) 2 / Speaker Level 1

                                            XLR (Stereo) 1 (2nd Hot)

Input Sensitivity:                 50mVrms(at 500W Output)

Input Impedance:               10kΩ by Line/XLR

            3kΩ by Speaker Level

Output:                                Line (Stereo) 1 / Speaker Level 1

Power Consumption:          11W (Stand By: 0.5W)

Maximum Dimensions (mm): W545 x H500 x D524

Weight:                                Approx. 51kg

Accessories:                       Grille x 2, Remote Control x 1, Power Cable x 1, FeltFeet x 4

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